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50+ Badass Joker Quotes to Understand the World | Joker Quotes

Badass Joker Quotes

The most famous Villain of the comic Book The Joker has the hardest life story which kind of Inspirational & Sensational.

So get ready to feel some gush bumps inside your body with these next level Badass Joker Quotes Which will definitely touch your heart & will also highly inspire you to understand the truth of this World so here are some the motivational joker quotes on Life, Attitude, Love, Friendship, Success, Smile & On Pain!

  Badass Joker Quotes  

A. Joker Quotes on Attitude

1. They think they can burn Me, Ohhh darling I am the fire Itself!

Joker Quotes on Attitude

2. Don't walk like you are going to Beg, Walk with your Attitude & Swag!

Joker Quotes on Attitude

3. Sacrifice comes first before Success, Even in the Dictionary!

Joker Quotes on Attitude

4. Walk like you are going to fuck your Enemies!

5. I want new Hatters, the old one became my Fans!

6. If they think they can buy Anything, Tell them, Oh baby go and first buy a Brain!

7. They may be Good Players, but they don't know that I am the Game!

8. Don't be available Everytime for People, Let them understand the Value of Yours! 

B. Joker Quotes on Pain

1. You can Write whole story with A Pen or a Pain!

Joker Quotes on Pain

2. Time never Heals the Wounds, It just teaches how to Live with a Pain!

3. Don' give me Pain Else, I will have to Play a Game!

4. They asked me what hurts You? Me: Your Question!

Joker Quotes on Pain

5. The most dangerous people are broken hearted & Smiling Face!

C. Joker Quotes on Life

1. Never mess with a Good People, The beast inside is just Sleeping not Dead!

Joker Quotes on Life

2. Let them make a chaos, They are just making us more Famous!

3. I am a good person, Until they give me the reason to be a Bad Person!

4. I am not Monster i am just living ahead in the Future!

5. I trusted People & they made me Asshole!

6. The scar on Skin is More Tougher than the Real Skin, Try to Understand the Reality My Friends!

Joker Quotes on Life

7. People will forgive you but, They never Forget You!

8. First they won't Listen You, Than they will silently copy You!

9. Some people fart with Mouth which smells worst than the Real Fart!

10. Life is a Game, Once you go up you'll Find Snakes Everywhere!

11. You can give me Clear Rejection But, Don't give me fake Promises!

12. They haven't lived your Life, Still they will Judge You!

13. They'll Become best Judge for you, But for themselves They Will become Best Lawyer!

Joker Quotes on Life

14. People are like Mosquitoes, Once you don't hear them, They start Biting You!

15. Give them a second chance, but not for the same Mistake!

16. Red color is the Most dangerous, That is why Human have Red Blood in their Vessels!

17. They will only talk good about you, Once you'll be Rich, Famous or Dead!

18. You'll learn right Lesson always from the Wrong People!

19. May God have Mercy on my enemies, Because I Won't!

20. You can leave the problem or Live with the Problem!

D. Joker Quotes on Success

1. Don't obey people, Or else you'll Miss your Fun!

Joker Quotes on Success

2. Showing excuses is Stupidity, Either Act or Forget It!

3. When bunch of people fail that's not a problem, Problem is when you Fail Alone!

4. If you have 5 Minutes to cut down a Tree, Use first 4 Minutes in Sharpening your Axe!

5. They talked shit & I started the war against them to Beat!

6. Dumb guy in the class isn't the dumbest Guy, He just busy in Planning something Big for Future!

E. Joker Quotes on Smile

1. Smile, It will Kill Your Immortal Enemies!

Joker Quotes on Smile

2. Smile when you get in trouble, It will give you confidence that you will definitely get out of the Trouble!

3. Some people don't Smile, because they haven't felt the deepest Pain Yet!

F. Joker Quotes on Love

1. I would love to get Slapped, Rather than Getting a fake Kiss!

Joker Quotes on Love

2. If you want to take out something from Heart, Let it Break First!

3. They will miss you, Once they will fail in replacing You!

4. Loved her & i got Brock, Got massive Success & gave her a Strock! 

G. Joker Quotes on Friendship

1. If you want to know the honesty of your Friend Give him the Power!

Joker Quotes on Friendship

2. Some Friends are silent killers you don't know, What they are Preparing for You!

3. True friends are those who don't talk about you when you are not present in your Room!

Joker Quotes on Friendship

4. Best friend will love you more than your Best Girlfriend!

We hope you joker fans got some inspiration from these Badass Joker Quotes which tells the truth about people on earth which will help you in hard work & also in hard time of your Life, So definitely do share these Joker Quotes Images with your surroundings guys, help others also so can understand better about the troubles of life Thanks for Being with Badass Quotes!


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