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Yamaha R15 Quote

Dear Yamaha R15 owners & lovers, you know how sexy your bike is & how much you do love it, that is why if you are in search of some of the coolest & badass R15 Quotes & R15 V3 Quotes & Captions then you are at the right place here we have the unique collection of Yamaha R15 Quotes, which you can use in your Instagram & Facebook photos before you post your best photo with your beauty. 

Just add one of the below R15 bike love quote under your Yamaha R15 or R15 V3 Photo which has the power of blowing up the mind of your followers & friends so here are 30+ greatest Yamaha R15 Quotes for You!

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 R15 Bike Quotes 

1.  YAMAHA= You+Are+My+Alive+Hottest+Angel

2.  Turn around the Switch & Turn on R15 Bitch!

R15 Quotes & R15 V3 Quotes
R15 Quotes & R15 V3 Quotes

Boys may be crazy but, Girls are stupid to ride on Yamaha R15!

r15 quotes for girls
R15 Quote for Girls

Who said you can't buy Happiness with Money, Watch me riding on my R15 Honey! 

r15 bike love quotes
R15 Bike Love Quote

5. I am from the lower class but, My R15 gives me Royal Class!

6. Ride-on R15 with Smile & cut the thousands of happy Miles!

7. Some boys don't fall in love with Girls, They fall in love with R15!

8. R15 is not made for boys, It's only made for Badass Boys!

9. If it roars it doesn't mean that it is Lion, It could be the Yamaha R15!

10. You ride on cheap tube tires, I ride on Hot & Sexy Tubeless Tires!

11. It's not the front head, It is Head of the Tiger!

12. Don't fear & Drop the fastest Gear!

13. For R15 I don't care about the Price, It's all about Pride!

14. I would love to pay my heart, If someone gives me Yamaha R15!

15. If you don't fear, Ride on R15's Last Gear!

16. That girl was my crush, when i got Yamaha R15, She is now my Girlfriend!

17. Wear your Gear & get disappear by dropping the R15's last Gear!

18. If you want Hi five touch my Yamaha R15!

19. You ride 125cc Ugly bike, I ride 155cc Sexy Bike!

20. When It's done with her, I use to ride on my Yamaha R15!

21. Yamaha R15 is not a Bike, It is devil of the City!

22. R15 is the thing which i want to earn with my own money, rather than earning it with my parents Money!

23. The ugliest thing about R15 is that it uncontrollable blazing Fast!

24. I wished to God that I want to Fly, next day my dad gave me gift of Yamaha R15!

25. If you have't Seen the Tiger, Watch my Yamaha R15!

26. It's not about Money, it's all about getting one R15 Honey!

27. She told me to not ride on R15, You know I miss her Sometimes!

28. They said i am a cool Guy, Watch me one time on my R15 I'll be the Hottest Guy!

29. She said i am ugly Guy, When i met her with my R15 I saw her middle finger & ugly Bye!

30. R15 don't create scene, because it is time Machine!

31. The price you pay & the sexiness what you Get!

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Where & How Should you use Yamaha R15 Quotes!

Yamaha R15 Quotes are so badass that you can get lot of likes & hearts on social medias, but there is the proper way to do it, you must use these r15 quotes as captions under your photo with your yamaha r15 bike photo also you can add some emojis in middle or in the end of the line which will work as the emotions that you really want to say something about your most lovable R15 bike.

Let us know your ideas about Yamaha R15 Quotes in the comment section thanks to read BadassQuotes!

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