100+ Attitude BGMI Quotes, Status & Captions

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 Hello, BGMI players Battlegrounds Mobile India is here now, so you don't have to be depressed to have unlimited fun, you can play bgmi game now officially in India & for that, we have brought you here badass BGMI Quotes, Status & Captions for Instagram & Facebook.

Now sit back like a bgmi villain & get the best possible bgmi Quote or Status for your bgmi gameplay.

You can also check out BGMI player names & clan mottos for your squad.

BGMI Quotes / BGMI Status

1. Teacher: What is your hobby? BGMI Player: Clean the lobby!

Bgmi Quotes
2. All boys are crazy for BGMI as they are crazy for Girls!

3. My GF told me to choose her or BGMI, you know she misses me sometimes!😏😏

4. I would love to be a villain in BGMI rather than being the hero!

BGMI Attitude Status

5. I have a new gf after my last break up & her name is BGMI!

BGMI Quotes for Girlfriend

6. BGMI is life when there is no GF or Wife!

BGMI Quotes for Girls

7. BGMI is the first & the last thing in mind!😍😍😎

8. BGMI= Badass Game for Mobiles in India!😎😍😄

9. BGMI is not just a game it is another World!😎😎😎

10. Legends Never Die, Whether It is PUBG or BGMI!😎😘😎

11. The real fun is to get one flare gun!💥😂😁

12. Dear kids go to school don't enter the military base!😎😎😆

13. In BGMI kids seek guns, where men like me seek fun!😎😍😜

14. BGMI is the best friend when there is no Girlfriend or Boyfriend!😍😍😍

15. Getting one flare gun is the real BGMI fun!💣😂😎

16. Even 24/7 isn't enough time to Play Battleground Mobile India!

17. 8X Scope is King & Kar98 is Queen, without each other they are Nothing!

18. There are only three Truths of Life 1: Birth 2: Death 3: BGMI!

19. BGMI Is The First & The Last thing in Mind!

20. I Never played BGMI But, when I started playing It, I am getting a Fever for BGMI!

21. Legends of BGMI Sleeps at 3, 4, or 5 O'clock in the morning!

22. BGMI is the game to avoid your enemy's strengths & focus on the Weakness!

23. BGMI is the game of Unexpected Situations!

24. BGMI is the game of Reflexes!

25. AWM is Green & Kar98 is Brown I love my Level 3 Helmet as my Crown!

26. BGMI PRO Player ≠ Professional, BGMI PRO Player = Perfection!

27. Any BGMI Gun with Suppressor could put your enemy in Depression!

28. Kids go to School, Men Go to Military Base!Real

29. BGMI Fun is When You have A Badass Gun!

31. Don't Play music with Bass or else, I might shoot in your Ass!

32. It's better to fall in love with BGMI rather than falling in love with a Girl!

33. In BGMI, I don't loot Gun, I only loot lots of Fun!

BGMI Headshot Quotes

1. I go on the Bed, only after I shot my enemy's Head!😂😅

2. When You Hit Head That is Headshot, But When You Miss head That Is BadShot!😅😅

3. Don't climb on Height, Or else I'll shoot you on your head with my Kar98!😅😅

4. Headshot Means Dead Shot!😅😅

5. Your Time is going to be Bad when there is a Level 3 Helmet on my Head!😅😅

BGMI Conqueror Quotes

1. Noob Die at 20 Ping, Conqueror Player Kills enemy even at 968 Ping!😅😍

2. To Reach in Conqueror you have to Sacrifice by death thousands of Times!😎😬

3. In Conqueror You have to Roar When you have your favorite M4!😎😬

4. Don't Ask My Degree I am In BGMI Conqueror!😎😅

5. Conqueror Players are not Professionals, They are Perfectionists!😎😍

6. I Am BGMI Conqueror Graduate!😎😅

BGMI Chicken Dinner Quotes

1. I am ready with Wine Because Chicken Dinner is Only Mine!

2. Chicken Dinner is always for Nonwage guys in BGMI!

3. Fear of Losing Chicken Dinner is the Gear of Winning Chicken Dinner!

4. I lost In Bgmi so tonight I'll have Fried Rice Dinner!😅😍😅

5. People Don't Win in Bgmi, Because they are Vegetarians!

BGMI Noob Quotes

1. You Are A Bot If You Can Not Kill Enemy With Red Dot!

2. Noob Bots Can Not Shoot Headshots!

3. I Am Not A Noob, I Have Just Started Baby!

BGMI Pro Quotes

1. Pro Players Are Not Professionals, They Are Perfectionists!

2. I Am A Pro Player & Every Player Is A Noob For Me, Not Because I Am Pro, Because I Have Greater Experience!

3. I Am Pro Today Because I Was Noob Yesterday!

4. When You Play One Match In BGMI With Pro, He Becomes Your Badass Bro!

5. If You Want To Grow, Be A BGMI Pro!

M416 BGMI Quotes

1. M416= Machine That Is Enough For Killing Sixteen Players!

2. The One Rifle That Roar, Is One & Only M4!

3. M416 Can Close The Game Of Sixteen!

4. There Is Only One Confident Gun In Bgmi Is M416!

5. You Can Not Even Snore With Shotgun, But You Can Roar With M4!

6. When I get M416 I get Confidence to Fight against Enemies!

Awm BGMI Quotes

1. AWM Looks Green When It Doesn't Have Any Skin!

2. I Am Not AWM Fan, I Am AWM Lover!

3. All Bgmi Lovers Are Crazy For AWM As They Are Crazy For Girls!

4. AWM Motto: "Come, Zoom & Boom"!

5. When AWM Show Up, You Glow Up & Blow Up!

BGMI Squad Quotes

1. When Enemy Is Worst My Squad Comes First!

2. My Squad On The Road Is Always Ready To Roar!

3. I Swear My Bgmi Squad Is So Rare!

4. There Is More Fun, When My Squad Players Are Ready With Helmet, Vest & Gun!

5. I Get Bore When My Squad Players Snore!

BGMI Quotes For Girls

1. My Girlfriend told me to Choose Her or BGMI, You know I Miss her Sometimes!

2. BGMI Player Girl, Is always a Charming Pearl!

3. Not Only Boys, but Few Girls are also Crazy for The Battleground Mobile India!

4. BGMI is the best friend when there is no boyfriend!

5. TeamMates will be ready to Die, When There will be Girl in an Enemy Squad!

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